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In which a shoes are bought, hygiene is sacrificed and a beginning is made

First post.

Big thing, in a not-very-momentuous way.

Intelligence is expected, and wit, and some sort of basic level of literacy.

What can I say that hasn’t been said already?
In this little corner of cyberspace, nothing has been said yet. I have made no remarks, set no expectations, raised no hackles, nor eyebrows, nor any other part of anatomies.

So, in the way of those who have nothing to say, and have said it already, I shall merely say: today was not all bad.

For one, I got new shoes – sneakers – so white they look like someone else’s. It has been a long time since I wore sneakers. For many months now, the only thing I have worn on my feet have been Hawaiis. The next best thing to naked, so to speak, and possibly better – after all I haven’t had a thorn in my foot, or a stubbed toe, in all these months.
I was amused to find that the man in the reebok shop gave me an old pair of socks to wear before I tried on the shoes. I don’t know if the treatment is reserved for those who come in in floaters and slippers, or if there is something sacred about the socks.
I like to think it is the latter; that they are testing you in some way, and saying, “Appease the lesser god, the god of the sock, before you come face to face with the greater god of the shoe.” I suspect that if the sock rejects you, you don’t even get to go near the shoe.

If I had any sense of hygiene, I would’ve refused to wear something so clearly soaked in the sweat and mud of a million shoe-buyers, but in the sacred space of the shop, surrounded by little sock-godlings, and big sock gods, I didn’t have the heart to refuse, and be struck down for my sins. A sacrifice was clearly demanded, and I was determined to be up to the mark, worthy of my new footwear.

And, to complete the baptism, I write this, the testimonial of my devotion to my new white shoes (May their laces never get frayed! Or tripping me would get too easy.) and declare my feet and myself all theirs.

In clean new socks,

It is as much a beginning as any other.


May 9, 2006 at 12:23 am 8 comments

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