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I am reading Notes from Underground. It’s been a while since I read Dostoevsky, and I cannot begin to express how taken I am with this book. I had forgotten what happiness there is in reading something where every single word is so utterly right, for the very first time. Yes, first existential treatise and all, but for me the joy I get from the proper-ness of the words more than makes up for the bleakness of what they’re saying.

There are very very few writers who can go an entire novel without striking any false notes. And usually false notes are directly proportional to intensity of story. But not so Mr D, whose tongue-chewing excruciatingness (the scene in which the Underground Man goes to meet some old schoolmates made me long to crawl under the bus seat and hide from all people forever) is matched only by the perfection of his prose.

This book is a freak of nature,
I tell you.
A yali among books.
But handsomer.
Far handsomer.


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