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A Room Of One’s Own

After years of living with – and fighting with- my sister at home, when I finally got my own room, it was on the understanding that it wasn’t really my own room – for about four months in the year it was my grandmother’s; and in her absence any casual visitor could usurp it. I dealt with the situation as best I could – usually by making sure that my sister couldn’t call her room her own either.
From such humble beginnings I have now risen to the dizzy heights of having my very own hostel room. It has the curtains I want and the bed-sheets I want. It has a wonderful desk cum bookshelf. And the bookshelf has an actual, functioning sliding glass front! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. There is an exhilarating promise in a new and empty bookshelf. I intend to run amok buying books to fill it.

The boy is back and the little bit of me that has been awol for over 10 months slid imperceptibly back into place – I didn’t even notice when it arrived.
On second thoughts perhaps it is the bookshelf as much as the boy that makes the difference. I’m on shaky ground here.

Oh, and the editors of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows should be hung, drawn and quartered. It reads like the poorly-plotted piece of frenzied hack-work circumstances forced Rowling to write – I doubt she had enough time to even re-read it before it was published. What were the editors thinking letting it get to the printers in such tatters? I am hugely furious about so many many many things. The characters are caricatures of themselves; the plot even more so. While I appreciate the non-appearance of Harry’s monster from Half-Blood Prince, I am furious that the entire deal about the hero telling his girlfriend to sit and home and be a good little girl while he went off to do his hero-ing wasn’t addressed. I suppose all Ginny Weasley’s newly-found HBP spunk was as phoney as it read.
One of the reasons I liked the first few books was because their heroes were nerdy kids, house-elves and werewolves. Because heroism there depended not on being cast as a hero but on being brave and intelligent. Because a scrawny bullied kid and his equally side-lined friends could defeat the bad guy. Now suddenly Harry gets a Genuine People Personality No 42 – The Hero – grafted on and stomps around armed with Right. I am so disgusted.
I was also quite horrified that what seemed to be a special case – Harry’s barely-adult parents getting married and having a baby straight out of school – is the norm in Rowling’s world. They really do all get married to the person they were dating at 15. Which is especially ludicrous if – as Rowling has been suggesting – they have a longer lifetime than normal. Why would you immediately get married to someone you crush on at 15 when you have another 130-odd years to consider and choose and decide?

I shall stop now. The entire rant would just take too long, and I have a bibliography on rationalism to finish. But I shall return. There is just too much scab still to pick at.


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