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Again, my Shakespeare class has left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied and more than a little indignant.

When I read the play, I felt more than a little sorry for Gertrude. It cannot be fun having to discuss your sex-life with your self-righteous and prudish son, and to have him heap insult on you. That he happens to be right – and your new husband did in fact murder your old one makes it only worse.
So the situation is this: your husband is a murderer. His predecessor also kinda was (he murdered Fortinbras’ father, remember? And given how much time he seems to spend in his armour I’m willing to bet Fortinbras senior wasn’t his only victim.) And your son is well on the way to becoming a misogynistic prig and a frenzied murderer.

Under the circumstances no woman can be blamed for marrying Claudius. At least he seems to have been more intelligent and suaver and more attractive than his brother, if the ghost’s ranting is anything to go by. Plus Claudius has the added attraction of wearing less of the poky armour. And he seems genuinely fond of her. Claudius certainly does draw the line at using Gertrude as bait for Hamlet, though he has no such qualms with Ophelia.

Ophelia, incidentally, is such a mess that I can do no more than give her up for a lost cause – as she does herself.
I know she is very young and confused and has an idiot for a parent and another for a brother, and Hamlet Prince of Dementmark for a lover. But really. Gertrude is making the best of a bad job – and doing it creditably. And she refrained from enacting any public scenes of angst. Ophelia is making the worst of it – and doing it as noisily and messily as she can.

Talking of which: Hamlet is such a boor. His behaviour to both women is completely unpardonable. Ophelia should kick him in the shins. Get thee to a nunnery indeed. Ideally he should’ve gone off to a nice monastery with no women to trigger off his psychotic spells and spent the rest of his life sitting there writing books on witchcraft. And been sodomised by some nice old friar for his pains. He’d’ve probaby found he quite enjoyed it.

It’ll certainly make life easier for his mother.


March 30, 2007 at 6:34 pm 6 comments

(Almost) wordless

I feel dull and dejected. Bloated.


blobous, in other words.

Hppy bithuthdrday to you. May you brood long.

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In which summer arrives and my words begin to leave me

The heat makes me thirst for blue and green and water and tiny icy dabs of purple.

The watermelon lady has taken a day off and I am dry and desolate, and drinking a lot of lime juice instead. I have been faithful to thee watermelon lady, in my fashion.

Come back soon watermelon lady, for I am bereft of words without you and must rely on paintbrush.
For a little while, let me bask in your kind fruits.
For a little while, until some assignments are done and I can sink into a wordless stupor.
For just a little tiny while until I can go to the mountains.

March 20, 2007 at 11:03 pm 3 comments


I am feeling hot and bothered.
Cumbersome and heavy.
Possibly extinct, potentially moronic.
A lump of green with patches.

I shall go eat grass now. I have arrived too late to feast on fabulous ferns and fruitful forests, too late to floomp through fetid fens, far too forward to frimp and flourish in Foongaloo with the rest of my kind.

Farewell my froods.

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The animal instinct

Blue animals ranging toodle dee dee
Blue animals grazing on the cold white sea
Having to do serious work makes a mental cretin of me. So does summer.
In other news, Iron Maiden is the bestest; and Parikrama is taking leaves out of Blind Guardian’s book (Also out of Tolkien’s. heh) and sounds pretty good. Steve Harris’ daughter is gruesome and some other random band is almost as bad. The crowd was doing a slightly scary pushing thing where about 10,000 people fell on you and you fell on another 10,000 in front of you. It didn’t help that everyone was sweating horridly and that many of them were much taller than me and managed to cut off my air supply completely, while jumping enthusiastically on my toes and bellowing “Fear of the Dark”.
Good times.
I ate an entire box of strawberries all by myself on the journey from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I also finished two books in rapid succession – an Agatha Christie and a Richard dawkins. Wise words for future generations: Nice books always make one hungry.

March 19, 2007 at 7:03 pm 2 comments

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