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I feel overwhelmed. I think its time we moved away from all this hyperreal post-modern crap and went to a new place. Preferably somewhere with good coffee and very little work.

I’ve written approximately 10,000 words of non-fiction in the last week or so. And another 10,000 to go over the next week. At this rate I shall completely forget how to make up convincing and unsubstantiated lies and all my sf/f stories will curdle and die. Or just be boring as hell.

I propose a new state of mind. It’ll be slightly dazed but happy. Externalities shall not bother it – they can be as hyperreal as they want, but to it they are just barely real. I shall be a Pangoist. A Pangoist is intelligent but unknowing, concerned but content. This means other people are nice. It also means that the Pangoist likes them. What it doesn’t mean is that the Pangoist worries about them, or about anything at all for that matter. Work is a state of mind for a Pangoist – and not necessarily a good one. Its an interesting experience, but one that repetition will render painful. Pangoists are ocassional workers, sometimes social workers (like social drinkers) but never addicts. Moderation in all things is the Pangoist’s motto, as far as it has one. Pangoists do not do strenuous things – unless it is fun.

Pangoan aesthetics are simple – if you like it it is profound Pangoist art, if you don’t it must be some primitive post-modern nonsense. It might even be that enemy to Pango, angst. A Pangoist must beware angst – or at least not get too friendly with it, for it requires dedication that a Pangoist is ill-equipped to provide. Eventually, you too will wilt and fragment and regress into an unhappy modern.

If you have come thus far, my fellow people, say hello to me in tones of casual pleasantnes, for I am Pango.

And apologies, but blogger hates me, so you’ll have to double click on the white patches to see pango and angst.


November 22, 2006 at 11:03 pm 1 comment

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